Drupal 7-editor - Create Links

How to Create Links

  1. You must be in the 'Edit' section of the page you would like to add a link to.
  2. Type text you wish to turn into a link and then highlight it
    Image describing how to highlight text and find the link button
  3. Click on the button that looks like a chain in the editor box ribbon
  4. A link property page should appear.
    Describing link box
    • If linking to a different site
      • In the protocol box, select "http://"
      • For the URL, add the link to the web page (make sure to include the whole URL - www.somecoolsite .com/cool-page)
      • Next click on target in the top tab of the link property page.
      • Set target to 'New Window_blank'
    • If you are linking to a page on your site
      • Change the protocol to "Other"
      • Add an absolute or relative URL to the page you want to link to.
        • (absolute path"www. flagshipcityconsulting. com/content/about-us"
        • relative path is just "/content/about-us").
      • A relative path is preferred, in case you change your web address later.
  5. Finally, click OK and you should have a working link.
  6. Save Page
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