Drupal Core                         Update to 7.61        

Address Field                       Update to 7.x-1.3     

Administration menu      Update to 7.x-3.0-rc6

Menu Block                           Update to 7.x-2.8

Responsive Menus            Update to 7.x-1.7 (Security update)

Features                                  Update to 7.x-2.11

File Entity                               Update to 7.x-2.25

MD Slider                               Update to 7.x-2.22 

Shortcode                              Update to 7.x-2.27 




WordPress Core              Update to 5.0.1

Jetpack                                  Update to 6.6.1

Social Media                       Update to 2.0.7

UpdraftPlus                        Update to 1.15.2

MaxButtons                        Update to 7.6

Really Simple SSL             Update to 3.1.1 

Yoast SEO                            Update to 9.0.2. 

WPForms Lite                   Update to

Wordfence Security       Update to 7.1.18

Smush                                     Update to 3.0.1

Really Simple SSL             Update to 3.1.3

Google Analytics               Update to 7.3.2

Custom Facebook Feed Update to 2.8

Classic Editor.                      Update to 1.3

Contact Form 7                   Update to 5.1

Image Optimizer                Update to 4.5.3

Gutenberg                            Update to 4.7.0

KingComposer                     Update to 2.7.7

Nifty Coming Soon             Update to 1.42

The Events Calendar          Update to 4.7.2

WooCommerce                   Update to 3.5.2

WP Fastest Cache             Update to

Friday, December 14, 2018

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